Guided Tours

Guided tours of the centre are available for groups and include various incentives for groups including thatching, sheep herding , turf cutting, sheep shearing, horse shoe throwing, demonstrations on Irish Coffee Making, Bread Making and accordion player in the cottage. The tours are entertaining and educational and offer a lively commentary on the history and traditions of Connemara. Dan O'Hara and any other issues occupying the headlines at the time.

The guided tour in the tractor drawn carriage takes visitors to the hilltop view which overlooks the Roundstone Bog Complex. It is one of the largest tracts of blanket bog in Ireland. The bog began to form in Ireland approximately 7000 years ago. Prior to the formation of the bog the land was covered in forest. Today remains of the trees are found underneath the bog by turf cutters. Most of them are preserved due to the fact that there is no oxygen in the bog. Turf has been used as a fuel throughout Ireland for hundreds of years. Today the Roundstone Bog is protected by the European Union and is a Natural Heritage Area.

The Connemara Pony is Ireland's only indigenous horse or pony and has survived in the mountains of Connemara for over two thousand years. They are famous for their competitive spirit, nice temperament and fine agility. They are exported worldwide and the world famous Connemara Pony Show takes place in Clifden in August every year.

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